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Well, I am 59 years old, and I have never married, but Ihave a 29 year old daughter with three lovely grandchildren. Yet they live away.  My daughter, patting myself on the back turned out great.  I at the time when she was young had my parents as rold models so that helped a lot.  I would have loved to have been married, but I didn't want to marry just for married sake.  Now at this age you can't find anyone that isn't divorced several tiimes.  Been in bad relationships or just not dateable.  I have had a lot of struggles lately.  I went without electricity in my house for about 2 weeks. Cam yuu imagine walking a mile from work, to come home to a cold house.  It was complete silence.  I had to put on double clothes and basically just be cold.  I got candes, and I would read by candels and at first flashlights.  I was sick at the time also.  I went to work, and didn't complain to anyone.  I was upset that I wass kinda left in the dark to make a pun.  I needed some help, and didn't get it.  I had a friend for years.  She  is now I guess an alcholic.  I tried before this happened to talk with her again.  But, she can't be helped.  She does not remember a conversation even if you had one with her.  During this time she didn't even ask if I needed a shower, or anythhing.  Well, she and I have parted ways as we can't talk.  I miss her.  The real her.  She was my friend, but she just isn't her anymore.  I am rambling I know. 

Both my parents are dead now, and my only other sibling a brother also.  So my only immediate family is daughter and her family.  I quess I am feeling alone basically because I am.  I have a cousin who has helped me a lot but I have to monitor how I talk with her, as we love each other but she is nothing like me.  She is hysterical about who is the president,  She is all into the gun control, which I an for gun control  I can't talk to her about anything, she like unreasonable.  She looks like she is going to have a stroke if anything is mentioned.

I work at a a job I hate, because I have to,  That is for another time.  My boss is bipolar.  Need I say more.  Nobody does what they are suppose to.  I guess I have blogged enough for now.

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